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Critical Project Management
Hawk provides Leading Edge Technology firms project management services for their mission critical projects. Hawk provides services from project analysis, to project design and planning to project implementation reviews.

TRANSLATION: Hi-Tech firms usually start corporate wide projects to implement new leading-edge systems to provide their company with an increased market advantage. We are often asked to come in and put the project back on track and to keep it there.

Basically we are highly skilled troubleshooters for companies such as BC Government (i.e., Ministry of Transportation and Highways), large retail outlets (i.e., SuperStar), Financial Institutions, Hi-Tech Manufacturers (i.e., 3Com, Hughes Aircraft and Northern Telecom) and Crown Corporations (i.e., Alberta Government Telephone).

Systems Implementation
Hawk provides small to medium size businesses with Systems Implementation Services. Hawk will come in and analyze the company's automation needs, provide a project plan with cost analysis, and implementation strategies. Once approval is obtained, Hawk will implement the project to provide the company with a completely functional implementation, including training and support if required.

TRANSLATION: If a company wants a computer system put in or upgraded, we will go in and look over the situation, put together a design & implementation plan, and then make it happen.

Small Business Analysis
Hawk provides small businesses with Business Analysis Services. Hawk will come into a company and apply proven business analysis functions to ascertain the efficiency and effectiveness of a company's business systems. Many people think of systems as being computer driven or technology based. Hawk believes that unless the basic business functions of a company are understood and well thought out, an automated system will not provide any additional benefit. Therefore, through these business analysis services, Hawk helps its customers understand their existing environment and how to improve upon its efficiency and effectiveness through work flow changes, job design changes and possible automated changes.

TRANSLATION: If you have a mess and automate it, you end up with an automated mess. Therefore, it is important to understand what the business does, what it needs to do, and how to make it more competitive in the market through streamlining its internal business processes.

Research and Development
Hawk is constantly initiating new research and development projects based on leading edge and future products, concepts and theories. These projects are both internal to Hawk and executed in conjunction with industry leaders. In this way Hawk is able to provide highly knowledgeable services to its customers. Hawk believes that it must be actively working with tools today that will be commercially available to companies in two to three years. This allows Hawk to better support its customers when the need arises.

TRANSLATION: We play with real neat stuff and then tell others about it.

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